what we do

quality of construction documents

OSE consistently produces complete Construction Documents which include thorough technical specifications and well-coordinated construction drawings. Our office has developed graphical quality standards to ensure that all construction documents are clear and concise. This reduces delays in construction caused by RFIs. OSE utilizes Computer Aided Drafting programs and 3D modeling tools to produce our construction documents.

sustainable design

OSE was practicing green design long before the term became trendy. We are committed to producing sustainable and energy efficient designs for all projects, regardless of whether LEED® certification is pursued.

OSE currently has three engineers who are LEED® Accredited Professionals.

OSE quality control

The principals of the firm are licensed Professional Engineers and have multi-discipline capabilities. At least one principal directs the production of every project. They maintain client contact, and personally design or supervise the design of all systems and improvements. Experience indicates that clients appreciate the fact that they can contact OSE and get a prompt response directly from a principal of the firm.

“For more than 30 years, our goal has been to design every building with well-coordinated and sustainable systems that are responsive to the needs of the Client and project.”

– Tom Orazem, P.E. – Co-Founder